By E.Y. Mullins - Seminary chapel address of December 21, 1906 I am to give, as far as the time admits, an answer to the question, “How may a man Read more

June 2019

April 2017 Cuba trip report

In recent years persecution of Christians in Cuba has not been as explicit and open as in the past, but rather implicit and subtle. The ratio of house Read more
Here is an update in concise form: June 22 - Diagnosed with heart disease. June 23-July 1 - Hospitalized in Puerto Rico. After heart catheterization Read more

Dominica trip report

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Relationship with God Consistent and profitable devotions Growth in obedience to God's Word Filling of the Holy Spirit Family Life A healthy marriage Needs Read more

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Calvary Baptist Tabernacle - This is our sending church Calvary Baptist Bible College - Bible college at our home church were Bro. George taught for Read more
       Nationals already speak their own language fluently.        Nationals understand their own culture far better than missionaries Read more